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Join me on Lake Como



Born in Philadelphia, I grew up sewing with my family members including my Grandmother, Nell who was a master Couturier designing dresses for women throughout the Philadelphia area. Nell also operated a sewing school for women who wished to learn her trade. She was self taught and raised 4 children as a single Mother through her immense talent. Her passion was greatly instilled in me as a young girl and one I hold dear to my heart.


Upon graduation from Vanderbilt, I moved to New York and pursued a second degree in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) while working for the President. My first job in Fashion was in Rome, Italy where I worked for 2 Couture Houses. My Italian experience and further hands on training resulted in me opening my first Atelier in New York City offering custom apparel and sewing classes.


In the years that followed, I produced my own Ready-to-Wear collections in both the USA and Italy while continuing to design couture apparel for American women and celebrities. I have been honored to work with many special ladies and gentlemen from CEOs to Actresses to Musicians. Additionally, I have been contracted and I continue to be working with smaller fashion firms to assist in all elements of design and production both in the USA and Italy.

Having my Father's family roots south of Naples, Italy I embody an innate love for Italian fashion and style. Coupled with my Grandmother's talent, my passion for styling, teaching and designing is my continued life's work and one which I hope to share with all.

Grazie mille!

Dee Dee

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